part 1

A whispered story.

A conversation that started with an ‘hello’

He sent a Facebook message, a hungry young-adult. Hungry for something I choose now to call ‘unearthed’. I replied, what was I to lose. After all, I wanted to just get on with whatever it was just for the fun of it. “Nothing serious”, a dishonest whisper I gave myself. From the ‘hello’ and onto some other conversations that at the time were considerably simple and cordial. Remember, I was in on it just for the cruise. Not until one morning, three days into this unorthodox rapport of ours (unorthodox because that was very unusual of me, and until date I still can’t figure the ‘why’ or ‘how’ to it) “Imagine my lips entwined with yours, and I’m doing to you something that’d send torrents of emotion down your spine” I was somewhat thrown off grid! hahaha, what am I looking at! inquisitively I went on to read more I mean look at me; the prying eyes that wanders everywhere and seeks to know everything. “I want us to meet, I want to kiss you” I read further down. And hey come on! girl’s human not a rock! yeah I was a teenager. Even with my “innocence” I had read the Kamasutra, I had also sneaked into the next door’s neighbour’s house while their parents were away and we watched Spartacus. I mean you could call me a pro.