Part 2.

Man! did I catch a feeling reading those text messages? of course I did. I found myself replying to his messages. “where do you want us to meet?, what is your schedule like this week?”

“I usually visit the State’s Library everyday we can meet there” he said, with a smiley at the end of that sentence.

I couldn’t resist agreeing to this meeting. it wasn’t going to be a task convincing my parents, a very easy feat to pull. Library! imagine the sound of that! “our daughter is a dedicated scholar”

We agreed to meet on a Wednesday. As I planned, I told my parents that I had to go study at the Library being that I had an exam coming up soon. They both agreed, I was even given ‘pocket money’ Imagine! their daughter is going to the library. Pride and joy!

I have never being one that is too concerned about clothes, I had a slogan; COMFORT OVER PRECIOUS. Dressing up wasn’t a stress at all, plus I was just getting ready and had my mind wrapped around or better yet almost consumed with the thought of being kissed. I arrived the State Library, and I called him that I was there. He asked what I was wearing. “I will be with you shortly” he said.

I saw him approaching me with that look of yay! there is my peach!

He wasn’t exactly what I expected, as in looks but I know better than to show any sign of dislike.

We were both ready to get into business. Bad for us there was nowhere around to start this ritual. He suggested we go to the Basilica nearby, we didn’t care it was a Church premises. I guess that is what happens when you’re consumed with the very thought of carrying out an act. You don’t think!

We got to the Basilica and found us a space very secluded from the rest of the building.

We began.

Take a stop!

Imagine the mixture of saliva, the almost biting off of my lips, the covering of my mouth with his large lips. A horrible horrible encounter. And there I thought, I kissed a “Frog”

I immediately brushed him off, I ran home and soaked my body in the tub filled with a very hot water. I didn’t bother about the weather of the day! I needed to scrub away the residue of whatever chemical mixture I had on me.