How often do you let yourself wallow and drown in your own thoughts up to the point where you let the whisper out?

The human heart is frail (more like delicate), fickle and too large to contain as many thoughts as you want it to. The heart is the only thing that’d lead you to tell people what they want to hear, paint and present the version of our lives that we deadly wish we had to people. Amazingly, the same heart whispers our reality to us, who we really are. Not the daily facade that we all put on to get by. In the dead of the night, in the trembling silence of the day when we are faced with just us and our ‘demons’. This is the time that these whispers come like torrents, right in our ears and head. There is a partial feeling of oblivion until we’re snapped back to horizon. Our truths, our lies, our pretences, our dirts, the part of us we are ashamed of all come staring at us. Whispers! that’s all that we’re left with.

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