There are innumerable whispers in my head, sometimes it feels like they’re going to break forth like torrents. I am not special, I more like consider me as an exhibition of art. I am seen in different forms by many who stand to gaze upon. The smudging enveloping of the reality of my existence, the […]

Daring Whispers.

I took a 26 minutes walk home and I drifted into thoughts. They try to make you acquiesce in the saying of not living in the past, plant it in your head like the past never existed like it wasn’t you who lived there. Make you to not think of what could and what couldn’t […]

Kissing a “frog”

Part 2. Man! did I catch a feeling reading those text messages? of course I did. I found myself replying to his messages. “where do you want us to meet?, what is your schedule like this week?” “I usually visit the State’s Library everyday we can meet there” he said, with a smiley at the […]

Kissing a ‘Frog’

part 1 A whispered story. A conversation that started with an ‘hello’ He sent a Facebook message, a hungry young-adult. Hungry for something I choose now to call ‘unearthed’. I replied, what was I to lose. After all, I wanted to just get on with whatever it was just for the fun of it. “Nothing […]


How often do you let yourself wallow and drown in your own thoughts up to the point where you let the whisper out? The human heart is frail (more like delicate), fickle and too large to contain as many thoughts as you want it to. The heart is the only thing that’d lead you to […]